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Safety is our first priority. From executive leadership to crews on our job sites, each employee is dedicated to creating a hazard-free workplace and empowered to make their workplace safer.


We build relationships: with our employees, customers, and other project partners. When we work together to strengthen the entire team, we can work most effectively and efficiently.


Our work environment champions employees’ ideas to improve our operations and offer the best solutions to our customers. We dream big, integrate new technology, and look to the future.


We are committed to honesty, reliability, and fairness. We take pride in our ethic of dependably excellent work.

About GM & Sons

We take pride in our commitments

Founded in 1992, GM & Sons, Inc. is dedicated to delivering safe, high-quality concrete construction. We are a recognized industry leader in concrete paving, bridge construction, and streetscape work in a wide variety of commercial, municipal, state, and federally-funded projects throughout Michigan.

Our Services

GM & Sons provides exceptional concrete construction work in a wide variety of commercial, municipal, state, and federally-funded projects throughout Michigan. We are an MDOT-prequalified contractor. We specialize in:
  • Curb / Gutter
  • Sidewalk / Sidewalk Ramp
  • ADA Ramp
  • ADA Detectable Warning Surface
  • Driveway and Driveway Opening
  • Concrete Road Pavement, Patching, and Widening
  • Bridge Approach
  • Slope Paving
  • Stamped, Colored, and Decorative Concrete
  • Specialty Formwork
GM & Sons Safety

100% committed to health & safety

We are committed to a ZERO ACCIDENTS PROGRAM for all jobs. All accidents are preventable and unacceptable. Safety will not be sacrificed for scheduling, cost, production, or any other component of the work process.

Our best practices include:

  • Designating a qualified safety coordinator
  • Conducting regular job site safety inspections
  • Enforcing the use of safety equipment
  • Enforcing safety procedures and rules
  • Providing ongoing safety training
  • Our safety manual: a comprehensive guide of best practices and company procedures
  • We utilize OSHA Training and MUST Training